Styrofoam ™, blue extruded polystyrene foam (XPS) is an insulation material of extraordinary performances, developed at Dow plant in 1941.

Due to extrusion production technology, board are of uniform closed-cells structure. This closed cell structure provides numerous advantages during installation: low value of heat conductivity on long-term basis, excellent mechanical strength, no capillary absorption, high moisture resistance, persistent to freezing and unfreezing cycles, long shelf life, low weight and easy to process, rot- and aging resistant, clean, odorless and does not irritate the skin. Such performances enables the installation of STYROFOAM products with no moisture protection in special insulation systems such as inverted roofs, external and basement walls, insulation under the slab as well as insulation against freezing.

Dow has developed the wide range of insulation products meeting specific requirements in construction and industry:

  • Shapemate density 32kg/m³, 0,028W/mK, dimensions 1250/2500x600mm d=30,40,50,(60)mm (grooved on the long side), to insulate the external walls, basement walls, ring beams and kick strips
  • Roofmate density 35kg/m³, 0,028W/mK , dimensions 1250x60, d=25, 30, 40, 50, 60, (70), 80, (100)mm (grooved on all four sides), to insulate flat and pinched roofs and inter-floor constructions


Lifespan estimation for properly designed and constructed inverse roof ranges from 45 to 50 years in terms of waterproofing, and over 50 years for Roofmate boards.

  • Floormate 500, 700, 500 - density 38kg/m³, 0,026W/mK, dimensions  1250x600, d=30, 50mm Floormate 700 – density 45W/mK, dimensions  1250x600, d = 40, 50, 60, 80, 100, (120)mm; (grooved on all four sides), to insulate heavy-duty floors: moving loads (trucks, machinery, airplanes, various drives), constant loads (resulting from construction itself), dynamic load (machinery on and off) and temporary loads during the construction phase
  • Styrofoam LB density 35kg/m³, 0,027W/mK, dimensions   2100, 2150x600, d=21,50,54,70,80,100 (non-grooved), to insulate PVC and AL panels
  • Styrofoam IB density 28 kg/m³, 0,033W/mK, dimensions   2438x600, d= 25,50,60,75,150 (non-grooved), to insulate facades, foundation walls, floors
  • Styrofoam RTM GV X density 40kg/m³, 0,025W/mK, dimensions 2500x600/1200, d= 25,50,75, 100,120 (non-grooved),  to insulated refrigerator car of the trucks and wagons

Pursuant to regulation EC 2037 / 2000, Dow has translated its entire European production into HCFC-free production.

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