Firestone RubberGard® EPDM roof membrane of synthetic gum (Ethylene – Propylene – Diene Terpolymer) has been designed to last for decades without losing its elasticity and mechanical performances.



  • tensile strength ≥8N / mm²
  • elongation ≥300%
  • 100% vulcanized
  • Thickness 1.14mm, weight 1.41kg / m²
  • thickness 1.52mm, weight 1.95kg / m²
  • resistant to most chemicals, alkaline rain and UV radiation
  • Avoid contacting the membrane with petroleum products, hot bitumen and oils of mineral and plant origin
  • Easy repair in case of mechanical damage
  • Resistance at low temperatures below -45 ° C allows its application in the area of extreme weather conditions
  • Very high resistance to piercing and root penetration at green rooftops
  • material recommended by Greenpeace as an alternative to PVC



  • Ballast and inverse roofing system (slope of the roof up to 6 °) is characterized by a quick installation using rolls of larger dimensions and therefore reduced number of joints. Ballast provides good fire protection and membrane protection against bad climate impacts.
  • With glued membrane it is applicable on roofs demanding both due to specific shape and due to limited load. Applicable on all slopes of the roof.
  • Mechanically fixed: M.A.S. And R.M.A systems
  • Compared with PVC membrane, its elasticity is not based on plasticizers which migrate from the membrane in time causing degradation and loss of mechanical properties


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