Foil & Packaging

RBS manufactures a range of LDPE and LLDPE flexible foil & packaging products mainly for the Benelux, France and German market. We can process your desired foil & packaging needs in mono or co-extrusion (special colors, prints, additions,…) because of our versatile production possibilities. We offer flexibility (fast service, small minimum order batches,…) tailored to your needs and act as a reliable production partner.

To further complement  the portfolio, RBS also produces buckets and pipes and in cooperation with our Asian partners FIBC's or Big Bags made from PP woven fabric in all desired specifications, used for transport and storage of industrial, building and agriculture products.

In short, RBS is your partner for all:

  • Building and construction foil
  • LDPE & PP Bags
  • FFS foil & flat foil
  • (Stretch) hoods & liners
  • FIBC's


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