RBS Serbia

Founded in 1961 as a small trading company, RAVAGO S / A has grown into a multinational company with its own manufacturing and trading of construction materials and raw materials based in Arendonk, Belgium. RAVAGO S / A today offers more than 10,000 products. During the last ten years, RAVAGO S / A has expanded its rich offer beyond the Belgian borders, and is now being delivered to almost all European countries, including Serbia.

In Serbia, within the framework of the Ravago Group in 2001, the company Resinex doo was founded. With a special sector Resinex Construction Products that deals with the representation and sale of construction materials.

In 2007, The sector is distinguished by the establishment of a new sister company Polykem Sr. The company is expanding the range of products in its offer, representing dealers and dealers of A category for contemporary, western European building materials.

Through the new development strategy, the quality of products and services, as well as respect for the interests of customers, the company quickly gained market confidence and in a short period achieved a significant reference list with numerous infrastructure facilities, shopping centers, showrooms, sports facilities, hotels and a large number of residential buildings.

Since 2012, the company officially operates under the name Ravago Lambda Sr and since 2015 it has changed its name into Ravago Building Solutions, which represents a synonym of trust and safety in accordance with European quality standards.

Our goal is to follow world trends. We provide all the necessary education of engineers and potential users through seminars and trainings, because what we want is to enable the realization of their vision and help our architecture not to make compromises, to realize it in the way it is intended to support it through the infinite technological capabilities of our Materials.


Mission of the company Ravago Building Solutions d.o.o. is to establish an long-term stable business, through development and growth in the spirit of business ethics and partnership with all of its customers, suppliers, employees and the community in which we operate - to mutual business satisfaction and multiple business benefits. Our logo represents our sublimates our mission, with the simple sentence: The growing Tree.


Our vision of market recognition is under the motto "Ravago - always something new", with the desire to be recognized as a distributor of innovative, modern and high quality building materials, building chemistry and all related products and services.

Quality policy

Ravago Building Solutions doo places customer's satisfaction in the first place:

  • expanding its offer of new and high quality products and services
  • providing timely and accurate information about your offer
  • delivery of goods and services on time
  • optimal market price and quality ratio
  • respecting and consistent implementation of legal requirements and regulations
  • continuous improvement of business processes, ie establishment of annual goals and constant and regular monitoring and measurement of results
  • Regular certification of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates
  • ISO_9001, ISO_14001